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  • Monetize insured assets such as art, classic cars, watches and other precious collectibles which are locked away, lying around idle – through tokenization.

«We profoundly understand the life-cycle of insured tangible assets and allow insurance customers to convert them to liquid assets.»

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Setting a new gold standard

Assetyze AG aims to monetize insured and unused assets – such as art, classic cars, watches and other precious collectibles – through tokenization.

At present, non-bankable assets such as art, classic cars, watches and other precious collectibles worth billions of dollars are locked away, lying around idle. It is difficult for owners to use such assets as a collateral and borrow money against it at a reasonable cost and at attractive interest rates. This will change now. Assetyze AG partners with insurance companies to enable their customers to easily monetize the abundance of unused, insured assets by tokenization.

Powered by blockchain

By utilizing the blockchain we can very easily create transparency
and trust between all included parties.


    We validate the ownership data such as receipt and connect them to the blockchain.


    Third party auditors validate the asset to make sure that nothing fradulent enters the market.


    Valuable assets are most oftenly insured and thus the appraisal is done at the time of insurance.


    Working with large insurance companies you can trust that we will always follow standards.

«A globally standardized and recognized unique identifier for insurance assets converts assets into creditworthy, liquid assets.»

Why it’s important:
Asset-backed tokens create a unique ecosystem for insurance customers, which awakens the full potential of insurance assets in terms of traceability, tradability and liquidity management.

The Founding Team


« We’re building a consortium to set the gold standard for asset-backed tokens and unlocking the full potential of insured assets. »

“Helped us monetize a piece of art for a total of 12 months, very happy with the service”

Andy Johnson, The Family Pieces

“Happy to recommend Assetyze for helping monetizing assets”

Felix Avalein, Avalein Real Estate.